Saturday, May 14, 2005

I'm Not Catholic, But...

Now what I heard was that the Pope recently arrived in heaven. St. Peter greeted him effusively, but then apologized.

“Forgive me, Your Holiness, but your mansion isn’t quite ready. We weren’t expecting you for another couple of weeks. But we have a library over here where we keep all the original manuscripts of Scripture. While you’re waiting, would you like to read them—in the author’s original handwriting?”

“Well, of course,” said the Pope.

So, quite relieved, St. Peter set him down to read the beautiful original manuscripts of Scripture.

Not many minutes later, St. Peter heard, “Uh, oh.”

Then “Oh, no.”

Then louder, “This can’t be!”

“No! No!”


St. Peter rushed in. “What’s wrong, Your Holiness? What’s the matter? I’ve never heard such wailing here in heaven before. Are you ill—no, that can’t be it. Tell me what’s wrong!”

“We’ve been wrong all this time!”

“Wrong? You? How can that be?”

“We’ve misinterpreted this word right here,” the Pope cried.

“What word?”

“This one right here. Where it says, ‘celebrate’.”

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