Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Adventures with Nouns

I love to write from the hip. Just the other day I was trying to define a noisy group of chattering, bantering, babbling animals. In my quest for the perfect word, I was reminded of collective nouns—a school of fish, a pod of whales, a flock of birds, a herd of cows, a pride of lions.

Then I remembered when some college friends and I concocted our own group of nouns; humorous ones that made some sort of sense. We came up with a brace of dentists, a sack of quarterbacks, a school of teachers and a few of others.

I'm always looking for more. How about a page of writers or a line of poets? A measure of rulers? A pound of hammers?

Whachathink? Think you could add to the list? Send me your humorous, but logical, collective nouns.

Tell you what I'm going to do. I'll compile everything and post them in a week or so. I'll put your name beside the one you offered and maybe generate you some blog traffic. There are pages on the Internet that feature these amusing collective nouns, but I'm looking for things original. Duplications accepted. Have at it. Send your friends, too.
  • Scoring: 1 point per entry.
  • Bonus: Add 2 points if related to the Internet.
  • Bonus: Add 5 points if related to blogging.
  • Bonus: Add 10 points if it's absolutely original.
  • Bonus: Add 25 points if it tastes like chocolate.
  • Disqualification: Dirty, naughty, offensive removed; cast into a dumpster of trash.
  • First Prize: A case of lawyers.
  • Second Prize: A lot of used car salesmen.

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