Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Adventures at Peace and Rest and Home

Please read Adventures in Headlines, which I posted on January 16, little knowing that I would soon write today's post.

In my "Headlines" post, I mentioned that I have over 100 newspaper headlines. The first one is of Martin Luther King, Jr's assassination.

Well, I recently collected two new headlines. One is about Coretta Scott King's passing, and one is about her funeral yesterday. (I really like the Kansas City Star paper today because it shows a historic photo of four Presidents and their wives holding hands during a prayer.)

When I saved MLK's headline back in 1968, it never occurred to me that one day I'd also save his wife's. But Coretta Scott King became a public figure and a public force, too, and left a legacy as strong and enduring as her husband's. In a way, I've gone "full-circle."

I'm glad I started this collection of headlines and I'm proud of how it started.

"…today we trust that our sister Coretta is on the other shore—at peace, at rest, at home…" President George W. Bush at the funeral service for Coretta Scott King.

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