Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Adventures with Three Intriguing Bloggers

Suppose—just suppose—you are faster than a speeding bullet. Suppose you can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Suppose there are three intriguing bloggers that will drop everything they're doing just to spend four hours with you tomorrow. In person. Face-to-face.

If you could spend four personal hours tomorrow with three intriguing bloggers you've never met, who would you visit? And just as intriguing—why?

Leave your friends' names (a link will be nice, too) in the Cuss-free Zone. Don't include me because I'm not intriguing. Your family members don't count, either. I don't care if you've met them or not. And remember: tell me why.

Don't ask me who I'd choose because if I only selected three, I might offend my other three readers. Well, I suppose I could go see them on another day, right?

(Why trivia. Did you know that the first recorded word of Jesus is "Why...?")

1 comment:

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