Thursday, June 22, 2006

Adventures in Western Kansas

With the first day of summer just a step or two behind us, My First Wife and I were reminiscing about a trip we took to Amarillo by way of Western Kansas. It was about a month after wheat harvest…

It was the year 2000 and boy, was it hot! Hoo-eee! It was one of those summers when you could fry eggs on the hood of your neighbor’s car.

Anyway, we were out on old Highway 83, heading south toward the Texas Panhandle. It was just after 3:00 on that hot, windy afternoon. We gassed up in Garden City, got us a couple of refreshing Sno-Cones and lit out again. We were zooming past a series of corn fields when it finally got so hot that the corn started popping right off the stalks! That’s right! Right out there in Western Kansas. It was amazing! We stopped to take pictures. Popcorn was flying in the wind. I never saw anything like it

Well, the cows over in the next field saw all that popcorn blowing their way and thought it was snowing. So they just stood there and froze to death.

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