Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Adventures During a Job Interview

I was invited to a job interview last week; a writing position. Bliss.

While we talked, the interviewer and I discovered that, in the past, we had both worked for the same company. He in Houston, I in The Big City. Boy, did we ever start dropping names. “Old Home Week,” we called it.

Well, we moved on and soon were discussing management styles. Our conversation went pretty much like this.

Me: “Say, do you know Mr. ---?”

Him: “Yeah.”

Me: “That man is the finest manager I ever saw. Mr. --- knows how to lead people. I really enjoyed working under him and watching his style. Everyone on the team loved him and got the work done for him…” On and on I went about the management virtues of Mr. ---.

Him: “Well,” he said with a humble grin, “I trained him in Houston and brought him up here to The Big City.”

Today, I was offered the position. Oh, and guess what! They’re going to let me do what I was born to do—and they're going to give me money, too! Am I a blessed man, or what?

"Saying something positive at just the right time? Priceless."

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