Monday, October 23, 2006

Adventures with Headaches

Please enjoy my last post again (and again). After you read it, then continue on from here.
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I have discovered how to easily click an e-mail name into my address book. Well, almost…

And as a technical writer I am happy to show you how you can, too. Here we go…

Let’s say Uncle Blunkie just sent you an e-mail and you want to save his name and e-mail address in your Lookout address book. Was I supposed to say Outlook?

Open Uncle Blunkie’s recent e-mail. In the "From" line, right-click his name to open a drop-down menu. Click Add to Outlook Contact. (Those clever rascals at Microsoft have shrewdly hidden this drop-down menu so you will finally call their so-called help desk for just $4.95 a minute where the customer service associate will eagerly take his/her/their time lollygagging in one of Seattle's best coffee bars with your question…)

A Contact page will open with Uncle Blunkie’s name and e-mail address inserted in the proper places. You may further edit this Contact page with phone numbers, street addresses and so forth. When you finish, click the Save and Close button—if you can find it.

Once again, the joke’s on you. Those wascally wabbits at MS have gone to a lot of innovative trouble to place the Save and Close button where you’re least likely to look for it—near the upper left-hand corner of the page.

Oh, and isn’t it cute how they have combined both Save and Close? You can’t save and keep working. Oh, no. You gotta close and start all over if you want to add more info. That makes a lot of sense. Where do they come up with all these convenient ideas? I suspect those ingenious developers at MS are drinking far too many Charbuck’s Caffe Lattes.

Anyway, this is a little bit quicker way to save e-mail addresses directly into your address book. If somebody knows a faster and more intelligent way, I’d be happy to know that, too.

Wild and crazy update. Wouldn’t you know it? While I was typing this post, Monique showed up with a comment explaining what I just carped. So if you didn’t understand my instructions, then go back one space and read Monique’s well edited Cliff Note’s version. It's in my Cuss-free Zone.

In the meantime, I’m gonna go give myself an ice cream headache.

And, yes Monique, you can join me.

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