Friday, March 23, 2007

The Joy of Jumping Up and Down

Personal Theory: “Did you know the Lord created water puddles just for little boys? Puddles are for little boys to stomp in. I’ve seen boys detour 30 feet out of their way just to splat one foot in a mud puddle.…” You can read this—and more—at My Other Blog.

We had a great and gentle rain last night and most of this morning. (Lawns were much greener this morning than they were at dinner time last night.) At noon, however, there was no rain, so I decided to walk in the park. From a distance I saw a boy, about five, and his grandmother. I saw him jump up and down; jump up and down. He ran off once, but ran back to where he was to jump up and down, jump up and down.

It didn’t seem to matter that there are two playgrounds, a walking trail, a fish pond, trees he can climb, and a whole park to run around in. He just wanted to jump up and down, jump up and down.

When I got closer though, I discovered his joy. There he was in a water puddle! His grandmother just stood there and grinned while he jumped up and down, jumped up and down. I stopped to smile and tell his grandmother my theory. He ran over to see who I was, but dashed back to the puddle to jump up and down, jump up and down.

I pumped my fist, pumped my fist! That boy just confirmed my theory. He’s my hero!

Big Mud Puddles and Sunny Yellow Dandelions
Author Unknown

When I look at a patch of dandelions, I see a bunch of weeds that are going to take over my yard.
My grandkids see flowers for Mom and blowing white fluff you can wish on.

When I look at an old drunk and he smiles at me, I see a smelly, dirty person who probably wants money and I look away.
My grandkids see someone smiling at them and they smile back.

When I hear music I love, I know I can't carry a tune and don't have much rhythm so I sit self-consciously and listen.
My grandkids feel the beat and move to it. They sing out the words. If they don't know them, they make up their own.

When I feel wind on my face, I brace myself against it. I feel it messing up my hair and pulling me back when I walk.
My grandkids close their eyes, spread their arms and fly with it, until they fall to the ground laughing.

When I pray, I say thee and thou and grant me this and give me that.
My grandkids say, "Hi God! Thanks for my toys and my friends. Please keep the bad dreams away tonight. Sorry, I don't want to go to Heaven yet. I would miss my Mommy and Daddy."

When I see a mud puddle I step around it. I see muddy shoes and dirty carpets.

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My grandkids sit in it. They see dams to build, rivers to cross, and worms to play with.

I wonder if we are given grandkids to teach, or to learn from? No wonder God loves the little children!
So enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

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