Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Joy of Vacuum Cleaners

This post is not related to my forthcoming book, We Found the Vacuum Cleaner.

You know how they say, “Never give Your First Wife a gift with a cord attached.”? (Yes, correctly punctuated.) Well, more good news!

Last evening My First Wife threatened me with a volcanic eruption if I didn’t take her down to the bedroom and bathroom store to get her a certain vacuum cleaner. It was on sale AND she had a 20% Off coupon to boot. Hey, who am I to argue if she will make our home look better for 20% less? So naturally, to protect the entire Midwest from volcanic ash, I took her to the store.

The gizmo she got is a cool little battery operated debris picker-upper. Back at home, I assembled it in about 10 minutes and set it on the charger. We both played with it this morning and it works real good. It even has a handy hand-held attachment for the car or other inconvenient places. You oughta get one. Take a look here.

Attention husbands: there’s no cord attached.

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