Monday, July 09, 2007

The Joy of Christmas in July

The man called me during the week between Christmas and New Years. “We always remember a job well done, Paul. Would you consider updating the manuals you did for us?” (Three years ago.)

I agreed, but only as a moonlight job by the hour. “Pay me when I finish,” I said. “Update” isn’t the word for it: I completely rewrote the original manual and concocted another one to show folks how to use their new software.

Finally, I finished the last week of June.

I got a nice freelance check the first week of July.

My First Wife and I bought our first digital camera. With real money; not plastic.

It was like Christmas the night I put it all together and starting pointing it.

And you can see it here.

And this is the first photo I took using the Macro mode. (Love that Macro!)

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And then there’s me and My First Wife.

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Wanna see pictures of my grandkids?

Stay tuned.

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