Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Joy of Great Regrets(...sigh)

Mom once asked me, "Whatever possessed us to keep you kids from dating Mexican kids? Why, the Mexican girls I worked with were some of the sweetest Christian girls I ever met."

Both my parents passed away in the 80s. Occasionally I get to wishing they could see/hear/know something about us kids.
There are times when I say, "I wish Mom and Dad could see this." or "Mom and Dad would be impressed." And there are some new and impressive things I'd like to show them. Home computers (PCs) for one thing. Other things:
  • Our nine grandkids (their great-grandkids).
  • Riverdance
  • "Mater" from Cars; well, all those Pixar characters
  • My First Wife's Bible IQ (!)
  • GPS doo-hickeys
  • The things I've written
  • Where once stood the Berlin Wall
  • Sarah Brightman
  • Mexico today
  • A few excellent restaurants we've discovered
  • Digital cameras
  • China the Beautiful
  • Veggie Tales
  • YouTube
  • Wii
  • Our Grandkids (again and again)
Unfortunately, if I showed them any of this, then I'm sure they would drop heavy tears when they discover our country's current immigration idiocy. Dad was an immigration officer and had a very soft spot in his heart for Mexican people. And Mom was always so kind to them...

There are no regrets over at my Hats blog. Take a look.

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