Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Joy of Euro-English

I gnashed my editorial teeth on this passage I found on an unofficial Web site pertaining to Prague’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. There are several pages like this. More than likely the passage was translated with software. I copied and pasted.

“in the year 1896 returned George Guth-Jarkovsky, one from twelve founder Olympic of the board, from her in Athens. The experience him thrilled. Saw there everywhere bunting, national pride and subaudi, do you st. of that kind would can help and Czech,” begins paint beginning Olympic anabaze wheelwright. Whole Jarkovskeho plan below password “isn’t important take part in , but win” he began put on concrete outlines, when in the year 1919 became a secretary-general international Olympic of the board. “no other Czech it so high up,” remind of wheelwright.

Thanks , do you big propagator sport became a top marshal president Tomáše Garrigua Masaryka, go everything like after steel wool.

“Jarkovsky prove altogether easily persuade then foreign minister Edvarda Beneše, do you Olympic Games is able to first-rate advertise emergent Czechoslovakia abroad,” explains like pragmatic enthusiasm Gutha-Jarkovskeho. Paris had Olympic Games, Prague only big congress

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