Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Joy of Winning

Hey! Guess what happened to us today? Well, it started about six months ago when the State of Missouri sent us a computerized post card that said, “…the person(s) listed on the other side of this card may have unclaimed funds…”

We checked. We were the person(s) listed on the other side of the card. So we signed it like they asked and mailed it back—then we promptly forgot about it.

Today we received a computerized check from the State of Missouri that said, “179.00”! It’s your tax dollars at work!

Oh, and in the same mail box was a package from my great blogging friend Tracey at Carpenter Creek. Tracey makes soap from sheep milk. Well, several months ago, she asked all her readers to name her latest soap creation. I suggested “Ewe Da Man,” and that was good enough to win a bar of her soap.

Today we received a hand-packed, hand-taped package with my winning bar of soap. Not only that, there was a bonus bar in there, too, called “Pony Espresso” and boy! does it smell good! Right away I e-mailed her and ordered more bars for Christmas presents.

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If you haven’t been to Tracey’s yet, you’re missing a treat. Get over there, will ya? Maybe you can win a bar of soap of your own, or some home-spun yarn, a T-shirt, a horse calendar…

I love to win, and when it’s unexpected it’s just a whole lotta fun, isn’t it?

Speaking of Tracey, visit my Hats blog to see excellent pictures from her.

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