Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Turkey Department

Ever wanted to do something different with your left-over Easter Turkey?* Try turkey enchiladas!
We had some hungry friends over last night and I fixed Turkey Enchiladas for them. My First Wife said, "Hunny, these are the best enchiladas I ever ate!" (I think she told me that so I'd want to fix dinner full time around here.) Oh, first there was a Cesar Salad and afterward strawberry shortcake. Our friends waddled out of here hinting they'd sure like to come back.

I have to confess that everything was delicious. Spicy! Spicy! You can find a ka-jillion turkey enchilada recipes on the Internet, so find the one that makes your mouth water and get busy. I prepared my meat and spices the day before, then made up my own recipe as I went along. Hint: use more dark meat than white.

Serve to the hungry masses.

On the side you can serve a delicious corn and black bean salad with tortilla chips. Or guacamole. Or both. Spanish rice and/or refried beans are also good here. (We always use refried black beans.)

Bigger hint: Sour cream and Mexican food are not
I repeat, NOTa good mix. Don't do it. It's unholy.

*Easter Turkey? (Well, originally it was a Christmas turkey from My First Wife's place of employment, but we forgot about it till a few days before Easter. So it became an Easter turkey.)

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