Thursday, April 03, 2008

Strange Maladies Department

Well, I have been diagnosed with a liver disease called NASH. It is not life threatening, not cancerous or anything else horrifying.

The disease has to do with unwise eating over a long period of time. Eating such things as half-pound bags of M&Ms in one sitting or entire German Chocolate birthday cakes; lines and lines of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, big donuts (including the holes) and handfuls of my grandkids’ Halloween candy; Creme Brulee, Grande Marnier Souffle, Flan, more than a cup of peanut butter cups, only three dozen chocolate chip cookies and unchecked portions of ice cream while watching TV in an easy chair.

Then there's all that Southern Fried cookin'. Hmmm, maybe this is all My First Wife's fault.

It only took 11 doctors, three biopsies, one abdominal sonogram, a few (17) blood tests and just over three years to figure it all out. I’m grateful because now we can concentrate on fixing it. Other than reigning in my weight, exercising more and watching my diet, there is no significant change in my day-to-dayness. NASH, for me, is not a worrisome disease. Just something I need to minimize. It will take a long time. (The NA stands for non-alcoholic.)

Prayers are already appreciated. I'm off for a walk—and, baby, it's cold outside.

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