Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fastest Kids in Town

The Olympics begin in about two weeks. I have dreams for Our Texas Grandkids. I dream that they will be the first Olympians to win medals in both the summer and winter games. They can do it!

You'll see Darby in the swimming pool outracing everyone else. She's been jumping off the diving board into the deep end since she was two. Really.

You'll see Jake on the track. That boy can fly! Then you'll see both of them flying down the Giant Slalom. At ages 9 and 7, they are already the fastest kids in town, and they both ski down the highest slopes that Aspen has to offer They are both athletically talented and supremely self-confident. They get that from their mom and dad.

They'll probably be the first brother/sister act to compete, too, but I'm not sure of that. And they're so good looking... They get that from their grandmother and granddad.

Poster boy and girl for champions.

"Another ribbon. Where am I going to put this one?"


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