Monday, September 22, 2008

Yankee Stadium, Part 2

I watched the baseball game Sunday night on ESPN. It was the last game played in Yankee Stadium. There will be no more baseball there. From now on, they’ll play in the new Yankee Stadium that opens in 2009. (The odds of this year’s Yankees playing in the World Series—even the playoffs—are so slim that…)

I appreciated seeing all the “Old-timers” who were introduced. I’ve watched every one of them on TV at one time or another. In my previous post, I should also have included Willie Randolph, Bernie Williams, and recently deceased Bobby Murcer as unforgettable Yankees. (Hoo boy, who have I still left off the list?)

Retired third baseman, Scott Brosius and former Manager Joe Torre couldn’t be there. That’s too bad. By the way, the current Yankee Manager, Joe Girardi was David Cone’s Perfect Game catcher. (See my post below.)

Anyway, I appreciated the whole affair. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are not my favorite TV broadcasters, but on this night, they did a great job. They let four Yankees into their booth during the game; then when it was all over, they let all the fans do the talking—cheer, cheer, cheer. It was a great show.

I think I’m adjusting my “bucket list” to go to the new stadium next year. Anybody want to meet me there?

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A touch of class: My favorite active baseball player is Ivan “Pudge” Rodriquez. I saw him play in his first major league game with the Texas Rangers and have been hooked on him ever since. What a catcher! What a baseball player! I’ve since watched him play many times—live and on TV. Pudge is one of the greatest catchers to ever play baseball, and is on the high road to the Hall of Fame. I always secretly wished he could be a Yankee—and just a few weeks ago he became one. However, on this special night, he was a gracious new teammate—a class gentleman—and stepped aside, stood behind the veteran Yankees and let them glow in their spotlights.

I love baseball.

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