Sunday, November 02, 2008

30 Days of Gratitude; 1 and 2

Real Simple Magazine is one of our favorites. It gets well-read in the bathroom. And this month’s issue gave me a great idea for my blog. Maybe some of my faithful readers have seen it, too (both of you). And maybe I can stimulate my own self to reflect on my many, many blessings and good fortunes.

“Tell us why you’re grateful,” the page read. Several readers responded and their very nice remarks were published.

“But why just once during this Thanksgiving month?” I wondered. “Why not all month long?” So I decided to post something every day this month to teach myself something about gratitude. I’m posting two times today because it’s Sunday already.

Wanna play? It doesn't matter what day you start. Be grateful in the Cuss-Free Zone.

I’m grateful for my sight.

I’m grateful for My Daily Bread…

…and other bounty.

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