Wednesday, November 26, 2008

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 26

Hi, Everyone!
Today I am grateful for Friendliness.

This month’s Readers’ Digest has an article by a man who said “Hello” to everyone he passed for 30 days. His discoveries from that are really interesting. He made a lot of friends that month.
I remember that my dad always tipped his hat to ladies when he walked downtown. And he always waved to drivers when he passed them on the two-lane roads. So I started waving, too. It’s fun. Only a few have waved back. (We're driving a lot faster, I think.) I also try to say a friendly “Hello” to those whose path crosses mine. People always acknowledge me. A nod. A timid wave back. A little smile. A twinkling eye. Or a great big “Hi. How ya doing?” I see plenty of faces that ask, "Do I know you?" or "Who's that?" But this is a lot of fun. Everybody feels good.

I always like it when a stranger says “Hi” to me for no reason at all.

When I’m King of the World, I’m going to make this little activity the national medicine and the “official elixir of the Olympics.”

I offer an easy challenge. Say “hello” to someone you’ve never met today. Wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

“A cheerful heart makes good medicine...” —Proverbs 17:22

More grateful posts are just a click away. Leave a comment. Wave, say “Hi.”

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