Saturday, November 29, 2008

30 Days of Gratitude, Day 29

Today I am grateful for Christmas.

I went to The Big City Mall last night—“Black Friday.” It wasn’t black to me. The joint was crowded! Glorious Christmas displays in every window. Everyone was in a festive mood. Christmas carolers were on hand, competing with piped in music. The food court was crowded even though it was the day after Thanksgiving. People said “Hi” to me! There was romance in the air and on the escalator. The only thing missing was a high school marching band.

It occurred to me that we’ve set aside a whole month to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Christmas is all commercialized, but who else gets a month of parades, plays, pageants and presents? When’s the last time someone set aside a whole month to celebrate your birthday?

Well, anyway, I’m glad I’m a Christian and thankful that my faith is established in a living Savior; the King of kings who first came to earth disguised as a little baby.

Interesting note about Christmas. Jesus was born on Christmas night, not Christmas Eve.

Have a blessed and happy Christmas season--all month long.

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