Monday, January 19, 2009

Adventures On a Happy Day

I don't think I've ever done a politically potent post before. There are several reasons for that--the primary one being that my voice probably won't carry much weight among the ka-jillions of wanna-be commentators on the Web, on radio/TV and in the papers.

But today is a Happy Day! I mean, it's a Happy Day! Did you notice the shift in the earth's axis today? Back to where it was right.

Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos' unjust prison sentences have been commuted. Those brave men will be released from prison in about 59 days. This is indeed a Happy Day! March 20 will be even happier! I personally am happy and I am happy for their wives and children. Strong, patriotic Americans, indeed!

When you weren't looking, I sent e-mails and stamped postage to the White House, asking our President to pardon these fine men, citizens and protectors of our border. I'm not the only one, either. He listened! He made this a Happy Day for Ramos and Compean and their families.

God bless them and their families. And thank you, President Bush!

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