Friday, March 20, 2009

Adventures in Thought. Uh-oh, not again...

Question: If I’m out walking and some bird poop splats just an inch in front of me, why is that called a near miss? Was the bird trying to poop on me, but missed? Or did the poop only almost hit me? Does it matter if it’s a near miss or a far miss? It’s still a miss, isn't it? Shouldn’t we call it a near hit?

Speaking of birds: have you ever noticed that the first sound after a big summer storm is a song bird’s song?

Is there such a thing as a fat escape? Or a broad escape? If so, how do they compare with a narrow escape?

Ever performed in front a live audience? How about in front of a dead audience? (Don’t answer that, Reverend.)

When God spoke, He created. When he breathed, He wrote. (2 Timothy 3:16 – 17)

What’s the difference between excited and very excited? Pink and very pink? Delicious and very delicious?

A salad is not required to have lettuce.

Like a diamond, writing sparkles when it’s cut and polished.

It’s magic. Just the other day, I was driving down the street and I turned into a hardware store.

It's official: no one has ever seen the other side of a rainbow.

That loose little hook on the end of your tape measure is called a “tang,” and it's loose on purpose. It's loose so you can accurately measure, say, the inside of a dresser drawer by pressing against one side, or the outside of the drawer by hooking the tang. It’s an important part of a tape measure, so be careful with your little tang.


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