Friday, March 27, 2009

Adventures with Sarah

Sarah tagged me to do this meme several weeks ago. I’m just now getting around to it; something about Ten Things. Sarah has one of the most positive and charming blogs around. Stop in. Sorry to keep you waiting, Sarah. I'm a member of Procrastinators Anonymous...or at least I will be soon as I get around to signing up.
  1. I’ve only bought one brand new vehicle, my 1993 Ford Ranger—and I still drive it. It only has 150,000 miles on it. Pretty good, huh?
  2. I recently gave My First Wife her second set of wedding rings. (Read about it here.)
  3. My First Wife and I have three kids.
  4. I have four blogs.
  5. I’m thinking about opening a fifth. I mean a fifth blog with nothing but photos.
  6. I can carry six small wine glasses in one hand. I can carry 16 in one hand if they’re empty.
  7. At least seven trains a day go past our office windows. Each one has 150 cars of coal, pulled by two engines and pushed by one.
  8. At work, I usually park in the 8th parking place. Eight is the number for “new beginnings,” and His mercies are new, beginning every morning.
  9. Here are nine famous people that I served when I was in the restaurant business. There are a few others, but I’m stopping at nine.
  • Mickey Mantle (often enough to become friends with him)*
  • Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker (he always addressed me by my first name)**
  • Tom Landry; Dallas Cowboys coach
  • Mary Kay Ashe; founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics**
  • Jinger Heath; founder of BeautiControl Cosmetics (she helped me heal when I got burned)**
  • Sen. John Tower; R–Tex
  • Brooks Robinson; Hall of Fame 3rd Baseman
  • Van Cliburn; world’s greatest pianist
  • Roger Staubach; Hall of Fame quarterback
And finally, there are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary and those who don’t.

* Many, many times. ** More than once.

And if you wanna be tagged, jump right in. You probably know what to do.

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