Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adventures with Your Calendar

Okay. Haven't I told you time and again that kids are about the best thing going for this country? I knew it. They are. And I've just run across one who may change the way the whole country thinks.

She's brilliant. She's creative. She's gonna be President someday. And she's a real cutie-pa-tootie, too. Her name is Diva Daughter.

Leave it to a pretty girl to come up with "Positive Day." That's right. Mark your calendar. July 31, 2009. Write something positive on your blog that day. Make it real positive. Somebody said there will be a Mr. Linky to let folks know you're positive. If there is, I'll let you know.

Oh, you wanna meet her? This link will take you to the blog that got it all started. Get up close and personal at this site. And you can get this Positive Badge at this link. Please put one on your site and pass the word. And oh, get to know her mom, too. Her mom's name is Jennifer.

Let's all do something positive at least once this year.

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