Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adventures on a Sunday Morning

Here's a couple of church steeples I photographed recently. They'll fit nicely into my Church Steeples folder. Please forgive, but I really took these photos on a Monday morning, not Sunday.

The first photo is of Covenant Community Church in Lenexa, Kansas. My First Wife and I have good friends who are members there.
Covenant Community Church

Then right next door--and I do mean right next door--is Lenexa Baptist Church, also in Lenexa, Kansas. I think It has the highest steeple in town. The folks there have just recently renovated their building and its real purdy.
Lenexa Baptist Church


LLC said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cassie-b said...

I didn't know there was some kind of rule that steeple pictures should be taken on a Sunday.

Nice shots.

kenju said...

I see you are getting the same kind of spam comments that I have.

Cliff said...

Great photo's, especially of the Baptist church. BUT as good as they are you should probably consider having your grandson take all of your pics from now on. He's a pretty salty camera guy.

Jamie Dawn said...

Very nice pics.
Church steeples make for some pretty photos.

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