Friday, October 30, 2009

Adventures Out on the Four-Lane

Would someone please tell me: What is a woman’s yet? A yet. I never heard of a yet.

Was reading the newspaper this morning and ran across this article:

“A woman was shot late last evening by an unknown assailant just a few miles south of Pancake Flats. A passing motorist notified the sheriff’s department after finding the woman unconscious beside the road.

“The woman was first taken to the Pancake Flats Medical Clinic and Coffeeteria, but was quickly transferred to a hospital in The Big City.

“Emergency surgery was performed on the woman, but the bullet remains in her yet."


Seeker said...

Gotta love the way we use our English.

Just have to tell ya about a sign at a local restaurant here: "Fresh today: Spanish Rice and Black Beans".... the sign has been up for a week now.

Ralph said...

Now that is funny Paul.

Star said...

All I can say is " :)"

kenju said...

Too funny! That reporter or editor needs to be sent back to school.

Jamie Dawn said...

Funny! A woman's yet is not to be mentioned. It is very private.
Only we women can talk about it.
Oops! I've already said way too much.


Cliff said...

Those are expensive to operate on, AND, she only has one of them.
Yep, it's good they left it alone and undisturbed.

Cliff said...

BTW, that is what editors are paid 'for.'!.

Herb said...

It actually was supposed to say "yeti." Her pet yeti took the bullet for her.

Heather Trent Beers said...

Paul, you crack me up!

Janell said...

Her yet is right below her maybe next time and just above the not right now. But Jamie D is right - I've said too much.

Janell said...

And that reminded me of Paul Harvey. Many years ago he told the story of a woman who was shot in the fracas... and he wanted to know where her fracas was. And then he said she drove off in a huff - and we thought they quit making those in the 40s - it went on for weeks!

cassie-b said...

Seems to me I knew about her cousin several years ago who had the same problem with her yet.

Anonymous said...

It's just left of the fracus.

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