Monday, October 12, 2009

Adventures with the Nobel Peace Prize

After much thought and prayer, I nominate the following for a Nobel Peace Prize.

New born babies—ever seen anyone fight because of a newborn? They order peace; they calm the storm. More, more. We need more new babies.

Chocolate—accepted and acknowledged worldwide, Chocolate is the great peacemaker. It should be served at all UN meetings and at international treaty negotiations. World peace never had it so good.

The New York Yankees—We win two ways. You love ‘em. Or you love to hate ‘em. Love, love, love. And they play baseball, too.

Labrador Retrievers—peace with a tennis ball. Hey, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

Laughter—Remember when The Pink Panther (Peter Sellers) gave his patient some laughing gas; then pulled wrong tooth? Wasn't that a hilarious scene? I always get peaceful when I'm reminded of that scene. Then I start laughing out loud and it takes awhile to settle me down.

Fievel Mousekewitz—hero of An American Tail. This little rat (mouse?) left Europe to set up housekeeping in America. What a story of love, survival and reunion. We all should end up so peaceful.

Jesus Christ—Well, why not? He’s the Prince of Peace, after all. And he’ll probably donate his prize to charity because he already owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

Books—They take us to sweet places and leave us peacefully breathless.

Speed—gimme a fast car on the open road and let me enjoy some roaring peace.

Teenagers—what greater peace can you give a kid than to pat him/her on the back and say, “You’re going someplace special one of these days.” (Treat them peacefully now, because sooner than you think, one of them will be your heart surgeon—and you sure don't want them mad at you then.)

Nemo—don’t we all love to overcome several obstacles to complete a dangerous mission? And do it with a sense of humor. Now that's peace.

Barbie—make friends, dream big, go places, achieve things, stay pretty all your life. Now that's peace.

Music—Ah, sweet mystery of life and peace. Play on.

Veggie Tales—their very purpose is peace. Some of the best peace stories ever told.

Do you have a nominee(s) of your own? Share it here.


Herb said...

Well, except that these are all people/things who have actually done or accomplished something of value.

kenju said...

You picked good ones, Paul. I get your point, although I may not totally agree with it.

Scarlet said...

I like what you had to say about teenagers...and of course, labs and chocolates are way up there on my list as well, so I agree with you there.

I'd add sketching portraits to your list. There's a focus and concentration and intimacy you get from drawing a person's facial features that brings you peace. You should try it don't even have to be an artist to reap the benefits.

srp said...

Greg Mortenson.... should have won this year. His mission is amazing.. the best anti-terror tactic we have......

I certainly don't think the recipient deserved such an honor at this point in his life.

Senorita said...

I totally nominate Chocolate for a Nobel prize. It calms me down and makes me love the world.

Star said...

The Muppets. A diverse group, who with the possible exception of Miss Piggy who sometimes resorts to violence, settles their differences with gentle humor.

Anonymous said...

I nominate roses--tea, English or wild. And he who is not named in this post did not nominate himself, you know!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Great list! I totally agree with all your picks.

Cliff said...

I guess Herb expressed my feelings.
I think Pauls Peace Prize has much more meaning and value than that one from the Nobel group which will hereafter been seen as a joke.
Anyway, good read and the teenager stuff is spot on. All of it is. Thanks Paul.

cassie-b said...

Mine would be babies and small children. They're so easy to love.

And I don't really understand anything but peace.

groovyoldlady said...

Great list. Much better than certain actual winners.

I nominate my son and the countless other soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who are actually DOING something to help the rest of us live in peace and safety.

Scrappymommy said...

all my doggies in my life!! They give me peace, understanding, they don't mind coffee breath, farts, burps or any bodily functions. They still greet me with a wag and a doggie smile everday and snuggle with me on the couch for hours if I need be. All my doggies should be nominated!!

Jennie said...

I dunno, chamomile tea? I keep thinking it's ironic that questioning the ones making the NPP decision makes some run to the defense of the one who everyone agrees did nothing. ;) lol

jennifer said...

I want to second Jesus Christ and Veggie Tales. They are both fabulous!

*very wise of you to nominate Veggie Tales as a whole and not try to break it down between Bob and Larry - that would be very devisive and not very peaceful :)