Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adventures on a Thanksgiving Eve Date

My First Wife and I enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner of chicken slathered with thick crab sauce (hers) and chicken pot pie (mine) at the Green Mill Restaurant here in Pancake Flats. Well, that's all the stuffing we're gonna to do to ourselves this year. It's a quiet relief, to tell you the truth. Our Thanksgiving Day, unplanned.

I'm not a movie critic, but I'd like to throw in two cents worth here. After dinner, we went to see The Blind Side. Pretty good. It's worth the money--particularly if you get the senior discount. It's a modern true story of #74, a big, shy, poverty-ized African-American high school boy who was taken in by a rich, white Southern family because he had nowhere to lay his head at night. Before they bought him his first bed ever he "...ruined a ten thousand dollar couch." Caution: it's PG-13 cuz the cussing is gratuitous. The movie doesn't need it. It probably won't win any awards, but it's a positive, upbeat, fun movie. Enjoy.

All that being said, The Blind Side is the fourth theater movie we've attended since 2002. We took a chance on My Big Fat Greek Wedding and really liked it. We have since rented it and found it on late night TV. We also saw The Passion of the Christ, which is so violent it should only be shown on prime time TV. We went with friends to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein. I fell asleep and got poked in the ribs when I started snoring.

What I'm saying is: in seven years we've seen four theater movies. We regretted that we "supported" the two so-called Christian movies. We felt thoroughly entertained and greatly enjoyed the other two.

For the record, when we want to watch a movie we rent it for a dollar or get it from the Library. We pop our own popcorn, too.

Happy Thanksgiving.


kenju said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Paul, to both of you! Thanks for the movie reviews; I like the TV promos for The Blind Side.

Jennie said...

I simply can't believe what I saw on television last night before I went to bed. To think of it being shown publically or even spoken of 40 years ago - well, sometimes it's unbelievable what is normal now. But anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, sounds like a lovely evening!

jennifer said...

So many movies are ruined by the language. It doesn't add a THING so why? Why add the foul language?

I want to see The Blind Side because of Nick Saban. We may wait til it comes out on video though.

Happy Thanksgiving Paul. I hope it was a lovely day.

Lil Red said...

The best kind of movies are seen at home, with family, popcorn and pajamas!

Having said that, I loved New Moon and will be taking a group of middle school girls to see 2012 tomorrow evening. :)

I'm glad you had a quiet and entertaining Thanksgiving! I did, too!

feolafitness said...

Just today I made the comment that I can't remember the last movie my husband and I saw at the theater. We're all about the $1 movies, too! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. :)

Cliff said...

I'll agree on the lack of movies worth paying to see.
I plan on seeing Blindside but it will probably be on tv.
I did enjoy Gran Torino although a bit rough in the language dept.
The other one I enjoyed was Taken. It's a good movie if you don't have heart problems. Mine raced for about an hour and a half watching this one. But atleast I stayed awake.

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