Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Serious...The Dog Ate My Homework

On Monday, I received one of those delightful royalty checks. Tuesday morning I signed the back of it, filled out a deposit slip for it and then promptly fed both of them through our paper shredder.

It's so much fun to be rich. Why, I've got money to, shred.

Speaking of getting rich, you can help feed starving children (my grandkids). Just click here to kick-start your Christmas shopping. Spend $25 there and you get free shipping.

I will be enjoying our Heart of America Christian Writers' Conference from now through the end of the week.Anybody wanna come along?


kenju said...

Paul, I hope they will issue another check. Have fun at the conference.

Senorita said...

Can you please explain why you shredded the checks ?

Cliff said...

I'd like to go but you probably need to know how to write.
Also, I'm harvesting on a daily basis.

Little Red said...

Sí, pick me! Take me to your conference. :)

PS - Let us know how it goes.