Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adventures at the Mall Today

I was huffing and puffing through the mall this morning. I do that when I can; two to three miles worth. Not outside because it's really cold all the time. I can hardly wait till we have a Spring Wonderland around here. Oops,  I digress.

I passed by two young women chatting.

Thin Young Woman: "...and what's with those buckles? They're, like, metal! Whatever happened to plastic?"

Not Thin Young Woman: "Are you serious?"

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kenju said...

There are some real dummies in the world, Paul. I'm glad we're not two of them.arro

Senorita said...

I often wonder if people overhear my conversations with my friends. So not infused with intelligence.

Rachel said...

The things you hear at the mall!!

I think we're all ready for that spring wonderland!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I've heard some doosie mall conversations never know who will be walking around listening do 'ya? Good place to get some walking done though... Hugs, Joy

Carol said...

Not the most intelligent mall conversation. But then there's room in the world for all kinds of people.

I'm anxiously waiting to see my lawn again.

Sarah said...

When I think of all those nights I hung out at the mall as a pre-teen....oh man, I really hope no one was listening to all the conversations we were having!

Ily said...

Ay, mi'jo, you should come to the mall in Hialeah! lol

¡Te mueres de la risa!

Happy Weekend, Paul!

Cliff said...

That's funny Paul. I must admit that I sometimes say things on purpose to be overheard in public .
We were at a home show yesterday and Marilyn and I were admiring a walk in closet. She said "I really want a walk in closet." I said, "You've got one, you just need to get all those clothes and shelves outta there. Then you could walk in."
Everyone there thought it was funny excepting Marilyn.
No sense of humor.