Saturday, May 08, 2010

Jake Ran, Darby Ran and Meghan Finished

I told you I’d post pictures of our grandkids flashing down the track. Here they are! Last Saturday, May 1.

Here's Darby, just about to finish her lap of a relay. See anybody near her? She fast and determined when she's on the track. Her team won that race and a few others besides. In fact, one team dropped out of the competition because its coach knew there was no way to beat Darby’s third-grade team.

It’s the first time we’ve ever seen Jake race. He's a fifth-grader. He took the lead here and finished first in the 200 meter dash. He loves to run and it shows.
Wow! He ran the fastest lap of a 1600 meter relay. In 67 seconds! Flash! His team finished half a lap ahead of the second place runners, who were sixth-graders. (Pound your chest! Pound your chest!) That boy can run, I tell you. That's one of his coaches on the side cheering him on. We were, too!

We couldn’t make it to Georgia to watch Meghan graduate from college, but we watched on streaming video. Trouble with that is, you only get to see her for a couple of seconds. But she graduated from Georgia Southern this morning (Saturday) and our whole family is as proud as you can be. She looked so proud and beautiful in her cap and gown. Rightly so!

There is a delightful new picture on My Hats Blogs (two pretty girls). Check it out.

Oh, by the way, those pictures in the previous post were taken in Emporia, Kansas (coffee stop) and at an I-40 rest area in the Texas panhandle (decoffee stop).


Star said...

Such wonderful accomplishments. No wonder you are proud grandparents. I am a bit dismayed by the coach who took a team out because they could not win. What is that teaching the little ones?

Cliff said...

Yep, going so fast I can hardly look fast enough to see them.

Granny Annie said...

I am wondering if you have to flap your arms real hard to work up that much crowing? And, what great reasons to crow!

srp said...

I agree with Star... what was that coach thinking? We really should get over this idea that "everyone" has to win at "everything". Most of our greatest accomplishments only come after many, many failures. If they don't let them try, even if they fail, how will they learn to get better.

Of course, your grandkids coach has the right philosophy!!! Right!? It's great if you win, it's fine if you lose... as long as you do your best.

Janell said...

High fives, pats on the backs, three cheers and WAYTOGOs to the grandkids! You must have had great fun watching them!