Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From My Fence Folder

I accidentally opened My Fence Folder a few minutes ago and these photos spilled out onto my blog. These pictures were taken at various times of the year. Click pics to garganuate. Enjoy.

Let's start at one of my favorite places out in the Southern Arizona desert. (This is my only barbed wire fence photo so far.) The ranch is safe haven for children who are going (have gone) through tough, tough times. God bless this ranch.

The Pepper Tree Apartments have all kinds of clean and pretty fences. Interesting. This is just one view. Peaceful.

I didn't take this picture. But I like the fence enough to include it in my Folder. It's the only picture in my Folder of 150 that isn't mine.

Did anyone lose a boat?

Aah. Fences and old barns in the Heart of America.

A couple of fences in our neighborhood. Both in the same yard. 

This photo won some polite applause in a photo contest a few years ago. I titled it "Light at the End of the Fence." The fence surrounds the oldest cemetery in this neck of the woods. This is also the oldest (first) photo in My Fence Folder. I'm attached to it.

Oh, by the way. Stop by My Hats Blog for a peek at some purty girls.


srp said...

Love the white picket fence!!!

Jennie said...

They all give me a happy feeling. 'Cept maybe the barbed wire one. :)

cassie-b said...

All great shots. Thanks!

Ily said...

I can see why that last photo was a hit...and the others are also amazing, capturing the ♥ of America.

Very nice, Pablito. Love those fences!

John McElveen said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Photography.

Paul-- would you mind sharing the type of equipment you use. If you want you can e-mail me at

I am ready for an upgrade to a much better grade equipment and wondered if you had any tips in buying, features etc..for an amateur Photo like myself.

Video vs just Camera, Both--since I like to do both. Just the basics. If not--Thanks anyway and I'll just enjoy your Pics!

Great stuff my Friend,


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