Saturday, October 09, 2010

Things That Jesus Told Us TO DO

I’m always making lists, as all two of my faithful readers have probably discovered. So I was real happy to get this list by someone else. It was put together by our church’s brand new Youth Pastor, Aaron. He’s a keeper.

To get acquainted with us last Sunday he preached while our Senior Pastor was out of town. Here’s the terrific list he used for sermon notes. He called it “Going Back to the Basics.”

From the Gospel of Matthew, here’s list of all the things that Jesus told us TO DO.
  1. Worship the Lord and serve him only. Mt 4:10
  2. Repent. Mt 4:17
  3. Follow me. Mt 4:19
  4. Shine your light before me and do good deeds. Mt 5:16
  5. Your righteousness must surpass the Pharisees Mt 5:20
  6. Settle matters quickly. Mt 5:25
  7. Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who want to borrow from you. Mt 5:42.
  8. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Mt 5:44
  9. Give to the needy. Mt 6:2
  10. Pray. Mt 6:5
  11. Forgive people who sin against you. Mt. 6:14 & 18:35
  12. Fast from food once in awhile. Mt 6:16
  13. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated. Mt 7:12
  14. Enter through the narrow gate. Mt 7:13
  15. Do God’s will. Mt 7:21
  16. Acknowledge Jesus before men. Mt 10:32
  17. Honor your father and mother. Mt 15:4 & 19:19
  18. Be humble. Mt 18:4
  19. Confront the person you have a conflict with. Mt 18:15
  20. Love your neighbor as yourself. Mt 19:19 & 22:39
  21. Serve everyone. Mt 20:26-28 & 23:11
  22. Love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Mt 22:37
  23. Feed, clothes, visit and invite in the poor and needy. Mt 25:35
  24. Make disciples and baptize them. Mt 28:19
And so I got to thinking that if I review and practice this list every day (back to the basics), I won’t have to worry about that other list of “Thou-Shall-Nots” (wag finger; wag finger).  It seems like an easier way to live a Christian life.

Whatcha think? And whatcha think of our new Youth Pastor?


Ralph said...

What a great list. And you're so right - read it and follow it is the key. Then we wouldn't get caught up in the 'shall not' list. Aaron did a great job putting that list together.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I knew all this before, but had lost sight of it. I need to be more mindful of this and try to follow faithfully.

srp said...

I think #22 and #13 are all you need... the rest result from those two.

Cliff said...

Yes indeed he is a keeper. Thanks for sharing the list. There are many there that need to be carried on note cards.

Jennie said...

Gonna get it tatooed to my forearm. ;)

Scarlet Ily said...

What a list! You know, Jesus has been knocking at my door all week. It's one thing after another, and now this...your inspirational post. I think it's a sign! :)

jennifer said...

This was a GOOD list. It would make for a great Bible study.

Janell said...

Wonderful list - and very insightful! This is defintely Spiritual Food for productive thought. I agree that your new youth pastor is definitely a keeper.

kenju said...

A wonderful list - and one that I need to print and keep handy!

srp said...

Happy Thanksgiving... where ARE you?

Rachel said...

Amen to that!! Your Youth Pastor is definitely a keeper!!

This is a great list!

groovyoldlady said...

I remember once hearing, "If we'd just get busy doing the dos, we'd be too busy to do the don'ts!"

srp said...

Where are you? I am missing your famous "true" stories that always leave me with a smile on my face!???

jennifer said...

Let it be said that if the Dust Bunny Hostage considered giving up blogging, Paul Nichols encouraged her to keep it up. I've enjoyed your Facebook messages, reminding me that I AM a blogger :)

I hope that your Christmas was Merry and Bright and that you are blessed in the New Year.

jdjaws said...

Concentrating on the To Do list from Jesus is something I hope to do better each day.

Cliff said...

Happy New Year Paul and G.
Had he not forgotten to say it, Jesus would have said, "Verily I say unto you, if you have a blog, and blog readers keep returning to your site, it is indeed a blessing to them to feed them." "Or at least throw them a crumb once in a while." And everyone said...

Pastor.C.MariaDhas said...




Anonymous said...

Why are their upside down crosses on the side of you blog? Not sure if you saw this.

Mr. Wonderful said...

Are you suggesting that Jesus didn't want us to malign and attack The Gays? If so, I think that's a message that many need to be reminded of. Jesus never once mentioned gay people, yet many Christians spend much of their time attacking them, while ignoring the true message of Christ.

Julio Arriola M said...

What about Heal ths Sick, raise the Dead and Preach Repent for The Kingdom of Heaven is near?

Anonymous said...

I love these, but wonder why all the 'to do' list comes from Mt (single author)...I think is only one thing you need to do, do the right thing at all times, all of these and many other ones will be included in it

Christie Camizzi said...

Psalm 150 1-6 Praise Him!

Phillipians 4:4 Rejoice!

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Anonymous said...

While that list is great, I don't understand about your comment about not worrying about the list of "shall nots". Christ also said "keep my commandments". Christ is God, his commandments are God's commandments. You can't separate the list of "shall nots" from Christ as he is the one that gave it to us. Do you want to live in a world where those "shall nots" are ignored? Your comment amount the "shall nots" is really sad... and shows that you place your desires above the desires of Christ. You are telling Christ, I will do what I am comfortable with not what you tell me; it shows a lack of faith.

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