Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Let’s Talk About Something Disgusting

Look at me. Do I look “holier-than-thou” to you? Do I look like I just walked out of a confessional? Am I pompous? Do I strut (much)? Look closely. I’m serious.

The recent Super Bowl commercials went way over the top…I mean, way under decency this year. Did you notice, kids? Did your kids notice? How was it in the fellowship room of your church?

Go Daddy dot com has the prettiest race car driver in history to speak for the company. She doesn’t have to get nekkid to sell stuff. Stop it! That’s ridiculous. Did you call your kids in to watch that commercial?

PepsiMax went deep to promote violence among women. The lady in the commercial smashed her man's head into a plate of something, then jammed a bar of soap in his mouth and finally threw a drink can him. She did what? Whew…she missed and bonked another woman. What if it had been the other way around? What if that man had bonked the woman? Where is NOW when you need them?

Then there was a jerk staring across the table at his date: "I wanna sleep with her!" Repeat, repeat, repeat! Did your teenage kids and their friends get all blushy-cheeked over that one? Did Mom and Dad? Did anyone turn the volume down in your church fellowship room?

What high school sophomores wrote the Doritos ads? Just exactly what were they sniffing? Mark Stevens, who wrote Your Marketing Sucks suggested the ads were written by sick people on “heavy doses of ‘medicine’.” I agree.

Doritos? Pepsi? Hmmm. Is there a connection here? Maybe so, maybe so.

Oh, and was that Kardashian lady talking sex right in front of your wife and kids? Your husband and kids? I’ll bet nobody noticed. Thank you, Skechers. Your shoes will always be the best I never have.

Sealy Mattress Company sprung to a new all-time low. Couple after couple (under the sheets) seemed so happy to be sighing together on a Sealy mattress. Hey, what is this? Did your kids get to see this one? And Sealy promises to support whatever we do on their product. Why didn’t they also show mom and dad reading to their children? Or just tucking them in? Why couldn’t they show someone kneeling in bedtime prayers. And did you notice any discrimination? There were no elderly couples sighing together. No children were jumping up and down laughing their heads off. No puppies jumping up on the bed, either.

I don't mean to be “holier-than-thou,” but where has the church gone? Sold itself? For what? A culture that is defined by the Super Bowl of all things?

Abominable. Nasty. Uncouth. Tasteless. Disgusting. Vulgar. Raunchy. Garish. Awful

Not Family Friendly.

On a lighter note: the little Darth Vader who faced off with a Volkswagen was a really good commercial. I think I’ll go get me one. And I want a Darth Vader costume, too.


srp said...

The Darth Vader and the Pug were the only two decent commercials. Even the candy bar one recycled the popular Betty White one from last year... not even amusing this time. Most of them were downright gross or embarrassing. I WAS cheering for the pug though...

kenju said...

The Darth Vader one was the only one I saw, so I can't speak to it. From what I hear, you are not alone, though.

John McElveen said...

High Five and Amen Brother. I watched it AT HOME and was disgusted, and you know I'm no prude. But I was OFFENDED!!!

Great post Paul!!!


Senorita said...

and yet, there you were watching the Superbowl and the ads !

Sketchers are the best ! I own shapeups.

Lulú said...

The little Darth Vader was adorable! lol

Btw, I haven't become desensitized yet, my friends. Kids are seeing and hearing too much too soon and it's just sad.