Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I'm hovering all over the Internet reading blogs. Here's a few observations; aka personal opinions.
  • Is this a great country, or what? Everybody gets to have their say and everybody else gets to forward it on to millions of others. So say something nice.
  • The most interesting blogs are written by women, and most of them are professional SAHMs. Now isn't that interesting? There are some great "Bombeckers" out there!
  • Too many blogs contain profanity just for the sake of profanity. People who think that violent language is important should give their sites an "N" rating (nasty) so the rest of us can quickly move on to interesting sites with some quality and depth. This applies to bloggers in all countries. (¡Yo hablo EspaƱol, pendejo!)
  • Speaking of stinky language: how is it that complete strangers can leave vile comments on another person's blog? [You're *** right, dude! I hate them *** three syllable words, too. Gotta love ***. I am *** and *** of her *** and his ***! ***!! Keep on ***! Bring it *** on!] If you did that on the phone, the sheriff would be knocking down your door within 10 minutes. If you sent a dirty letter to someone you didn't know, you'd be in jail and on the evening news within a week. Come on, be honest: you wouldn't talk like that in a Wal-Mart check out line, would you?
  • Contemporary blogs remind me of early Internet days when everyone (businesses included) had a "My Favorite Links" button. Will people eventually get tired of plugging their friend's blogs? I hope not.
  • When I first started blogging (Feb '04) I once saw my other blog listed on Blogger's 10 Recently Updated posts. Ooooh! Wow! Now I notice that there are so many posts that Blogger is almost 24 hours behind in posting the most recent. That's interesting.
  • Some blogs have magnificent graphics. I wish I could do that. But I wonder: if the point of the blog is personal comments, then why the excessive energy on the colorful frills and commercial icons? Just wondering.
  • There aren't too many older writers (bloggers). Retirees and the like. Maybe I'll go out and recruit a few. The blogs I've seen by older people are quite good; quite entertaining; provacative.
  • I've noticed that most dedicated bloggers don't blog on the weekends. Now that's interesting.
  • My other blog is the only one I'm aware of that has a beginning and an end.
  • I love those blogs that feature good photographs. Music-oriented blogs are nice, too, but take up a lot of my valuable time. (You know why they invented bassoons? So there'll be plenty of kindling for an accordian fire.)

I'll probably add some more comments later on.

If you add a comment with foul language, I will delete it as soon as I discover it. I have kids and grandkids. Show some respect.


Cara said...

Very good post, Paul! As for the foul language, I just figure that whoever the writer is that uses foul language isn't intelligent enough to come up with a better word.

Bluegrass Mama said...

You rock, Paul! I always figure writers who use foul language have a very limited vocabulary, so I move on to someone who knows some real words.

Anonymous said...

Your new slogan should be: "If you can't write something nice, don't write something at all." Love, Marcie

Laura McKittrick said...

Just a thought on the graphics...

I haven't read any blogs besides yours, so haven't seen any. But maybe the writers are expressing themselves that way too.

Just remembered where a college kid's painting was described as "a tantrum." Maybe you get the idea.

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