Friday, June 10, 2005

$35 a Year !

My friend WordWhiz wants you to read this story. So do I.

I went to a writer's club critique session a few days ago. I took this story with me for critique. I should have taken a lead shield, a junk yard dog, and some poison-tipped darts. I made the foolish mistake of going defenseless. Eventually, the EMT, with sirens blaring, arrived just in time to drag me out in one piece. I did not know that those normally sweet ladies could be so brutal. Maybe older women in the military would be a good idea.

Well, it brought me back down to earth about writing fiction. And oh, how I love to write! Let me count the ways.
  1. Re-writing.
  2. Editors, aged 30 and under.
  3. Rejection slips.
  4. Creative rejection slips.
  5. Re-writing.
  6. Critique groups.
  7. Postage.
  8. More Postage.
  9. Re-writing.
  10. Empty mail boxes. . .
The next time I go to a critique group, I'm just going to copy something from someone else's blog and show that. Please double-check your blogs for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation. . .

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