Wednesday, June 22, 2005

He Still Likes Us, I guess.

More from my forthcoming book, We Found the Vacuum Cleaner.

I really like it when our red-headed John Deere salesman comes to Pancake Flats. He doesn't come as often as he used to. He doesn't have much business here anymore because so many folks are selling out and moving to The Big City. There's no more to kids to keep the farms going.

In fact, the John Deere dealership shut down several years ago. Our red-headed salesman comes out here once in awhile anyway. He still likes us, I guess. A bunch of us sit around in Bertie's Pie and Coffee Shoppe and tease him.

"Hey, Bertie. He just looked at the menu and said, 'OK.' "

"Be careful, Bertie. He's on a light diet. Soon as it's light out, he starts eatin'!"

He takes it like a man, though. Always has. He pays for our coffee and donuts. Always has. He left this nice clock in Bertie's several years ago. It still works.

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You know what the plow said to the tractor?

"Pull me a little closer, John Deere."

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