Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Adventures at First Base

Wheep! Wheep! Wheep!

Update! Update! Update!

The answer to the Eight Ways to Get on First Base quiz below is…


8. Pinch Runner.

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Nyssa’s Mom, Born Fool, and Jennie’s husband got it right. I used the American League Rule Book. Number 6.08(c).

Cliff Morrow and Jennie’s husband both offered interference or obstruction. I was somewhat remiss, though. Fielder’s or catcher’s interference is in the same rule book sentence, so I should have included “fielder” along with “catcher.” Rule 10.02(a)(1)(iv)

Did you catch that?

The best part of winter has begun—Spring Training. Yee-haw! So to get everyone ready for baseball season, here's an easy quiz that will have you jogging down to first base in no time.

There are eight ways for a baseball player to get to first base. Name the eighth way.
  1. Get a hit
  2. Fielder's error
  3. Walk
  4. Hit by pitcher
  5. Catcher's interference
  6. Fielder's choice
  7. Catcher's error on a 3rd strike
  8. - - -???- - -

By the way, this is not a trick question. In a few days I'll post the answer in my Cuss-Free Zone.

I hope your home team wins it all this year. In the meantime, here's a fun baseball timeline. (Remember when?)

Take me out to the ballpark!!!