Sunday, September 03, 2006

Adventures at the Bank

My First Wife went to The Big City bank last Saturday.

When she got home, she was all huffy. “Hunny, can you believe they had six drive-thru lanes open and every one of them was four or five cars deep!” She hollered.

“I just decided to go inside,” she said. “I wasn’t about to sit out in the sun half the morning.”

“I always do that,” I said. “I like the personal touch.”

“Well, there were six people ahead of me, but I had my little book to read.” It seemed like she was settling down.

“Smart thinking,” I complimented.

“Then all of a sudden,” she went on, “this old man came in and went straight up to the teller. Cut in front of all of us.”

“He said, ‘I wouldn’t be doing this normally, but…but…I'm about to get in trouble. Could you please let me have a dog biscuit? I forgot to get one out there at the drive-through.’”

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