Sunday, October 01, 2006

Adventures in Fright

On Saturday night, My First Wife and I went to a “Tacky Tourist” party. We wore our very best, the same stuff we wear when we go on vacation. What the picture doesn’t show is my lemon yellow Bermuda shorts, my black socks and my brown Rockport shoes. Well, the good news is: My First Wife won the prize for the best…well, they called it a costume.

The bad news is: I now realize why people on last year's vacation pointed and laughed at us.

So I’m warning you: stop now! If you don’t want to pee in your pants right where you sit, go back! I’m serious! Don't scroll any further. Don’t look! Make sure there are no small children in the area! Have someone stand by to call 9-1-1. Cover your eyes while you’re still able! Click your Back Button! Log off! Run and don’t look back!

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