Monday, January 01, 2007

The Joy of Oh Seven

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I’ve been waiting for 2007 for 51 weeks.

This past year has seen many an adventure out here in Pancake Flats. I shared several of them with all my dedicated blog readers (all two of you). And it’s been fun, huh?

But let me tell you a story. A story from the first week in January when I decided to title all my 2006 blogs, “Adventures…"

What a doofus!

About 10 minutes after I posted that first adventure I wished I hadn’t made that commitment. I changed my mind right away.

But I decided to see myself through the whole year, anyway. Maybe I'd have some adventures, after all. Well, lemme tell you, I had adventures that I didn’t even blog about—like the several ka-jillion dollars I gave to the medical industry. Grrr! Or the times I missed a face-to-face adventure with a couple of blogging friends. Darn!! Or like the adventure with real angels when it looked like a freeway accident was about to include me, but didn't. Praise the Lord!!!

Last year I had adventures. This year I’m planning on Joy. And I hope you have joy all year, too.

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"The future is as bright as the promises of God."—Bob Hilderman, my best friend

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