Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Joy(s) of My First Wife

Several years ago I composed the following, printed it on lovely paper, framed it and gave it to My First Wife for her birthday. (I mean to tell you, there were adventures—and joy—later that day! Know what I mean?) To this day, she keeps it in a place of honor where visitors can easily see it. I spy her reading it from time to time, and I get a kick out of reading again, too.

In my next post, I will share how you, too, can impress your beloved, your most cherished, or whomever… In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this little bit of brightness. Here we go…

The Bright Side of My Life

Whenever I feel discourage and need a little lift,
I will stop to count the many things that mean so much to me.

Almonds – My dear friend, Lillian – Reading Christian biographies
My brothers – Researching on the Internet – Prayer time – “Geech”
My husband, Paul, who really loves me – America – Talking on the phone
Pretty black and white dresses – Just visiting with friends – My own fried chicken
Signature Home Styles – Turning the music up really loud – Sharing my faith
, Mike, Sean, Nick, Jake, Joshua, Darby, Benjamin, Mari
I am a special grandmother – Flying free on Delta Airlines – “Babysitting” Peggy
Praying every morning with Paul when he leaves for work
Joyce Meyer Ministries – Mexican Food!
Back rubs – Talking “3-way” with my sisters – Singing – My new furniture
Teaching my Bible class at Sunday School – Influencing younger moms
Fall colors in Kansas City – Wenli and Ying (sweet girls!!) – Eating out
Knowing that all my children and grandchildren love the Lord
Books about American pioneers – The Republican Party – A really hot shower
Friends who have stood by me over the years – Giving to others in need
Black Gospel music – The Drudge Report – I love dogs – Reading my Bible
Touching other people’s lives for good – Sunday afternoon newspaper
Mike and Sherley
, Don and Marcie, Kurt and Amy
My sisters – Activities at work – “The Wizard of Id” – Jesus loves me
Bob & Janice, Darryl & Phyllis, Lynn & Melba, Norman, Scott & Karen
All their children and grandchildren
God’s grace overshadows me every day

Dear Lord, how tender is your sweet mercy to me.
My heart overflows with all your kind blessings
Gloria Nichols

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