Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Joy of Little Known Facts

I once promised I’d not post any more memes, but just this past week, two of My Favorite Bloggers (who asked to remain anonymous) begged and pleaded with me to mention just seven (count ‘em, 7) little known facts about myselfmyself. Please don’t ask me again, because I had a really hard time remembering thesethese.

Little Known Fact 1: I’ve kept a daily hand-written diary since January 1988. I haven’t written every day, but almost. Inside these books, on the appropriate days, I also include things like special event tickets, flight tickets, thank you notes, wedding and birth announcements, obits (tsk), newspaper clippings, significant receipts, and similar personal, historic riff-raff.

Little Known Fact 2: It was a dark and stormy night—and I was arrested and taken to jail because the inspection sticker on my car windshield was expired. Amazingly, My First Wife had the cash on hand to bail me out at one in the morning. (Uh, the amazing part wasn’t the cash on hand.)

Little Known Fact 3: In my freshman year of college, I sang the tenor solos in The Messiah. No, not in the shower. In public. With a full choir and a full orchestra.

Little Known Fact 4: I only have to shave every other day.

Little Known Fact 5: I once drove from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR in 23 hours. Never again.

Little Known Fact 6: When I was a waiter, my largest single tip was $1,600. (Did You Know that Valentine’s Day generates more income for restaurant servers than New Year’s Eve?) That’s right: sixteen hundred!

Little Known Fact 7: I try to walk five miles a day…but I don’t always accomplish that. In 2010 and 2011, I hope to earn the asterisk, “Oldest Known Person to Walk Across the United States.” It’s gonna take me 15 months to get my 15 minutes of fame. Anybody wanna go with me?

Oh, and Little Known Fact 8: I’ve discovered a fantastic blog in the past month or so. If you like horses, a smooth sense of humor like mine, fun, little lambs, great photos, the great outdoors, and people named Tracey, you’ll love Carpenter Creek. Let me know how much you enjoy it.

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