Monday, May 14, 2007

The Joy of Marriage

Last Sunday, like many churches, our church took a few extra moments to honor all the moms who were present. Each one got a long stem rose. The newest mom (her cute baby boy is just four weeks old) got a potted plant that is suppose to last for years. The oldest mom (92 year old Minerva who had twin girls; then eight boys) was given a dozen red roses and had her picture taken for our newsletter. The church treated her whole family to a surprise Mother’s Day Dinner at an upscale hotel in The Big City.

Then a little after that the pastor called Alonzo de Luca to the podium. He’s a sweet, humble, quiet man who’s always available to help out wherever he’s needed. He’s been a good friend to me and My First Wife—and to everybody around here. Everybody calls him Al.

Pastor Al and Roma de Luca have been members here for a long, long time, haven’t you?

Al Jes sir.

Pastor When did you join?

Al Uh, in 19-a-77. We been members since-a 40 year ago.

Pastor Wow! That’s a long time! And there’s something very special this week for both of you, right?

Al Jes sir. Roma and me been married 50 year now. Tuesday. May fifteen.

Congregation. Applause, applause.

Pastor (after we sat down again) Well, can you give us the secret—a little insight—into a long and happy marriage like yours? Maybe I could use it in our marriage seminar next summer.

Al (Shyly) Oh, well, I treat her right and it’s okay she spend money, you know? But I think best of all, on twenty-fifth anniversary, I took her a-back home to PalermoItaly, you know?

Pastor Right. [To congregation] In case you didn’t know, Al is Italian.

Al She was so sick to go home all those first years, so I save up-a money and took her to see all her family again.

Pastor That’s wonderful, Al. So what do you have planned for your fiftieth anniversary this week?

Al Well, I’m-a going over there again to bring her back.

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