Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Joy from Carpenter Creek

I can’t believe it, but Tracey from Carpenter Creek asked me to post some little known facts about myself. I just did that not too long ago. But then Tracey went and upped the ante and said it’s supposed to be humorous. Humorous? Me? On this blog? That’s like asking the pope to pray. So here goes. You be the judge of “humorous.”

  • In 2000, I FAXed a lengthy letter to radio shrink Dr. Laura Schlesinger to comment on a call she had one day. She read the letter on the air the next day. That would have been my 15 minutes of fame, except she changed my name to “George.”
  • Recently I won a “name that soap” contest. The soap is made from sheep milk, so I suggested “Ewe da Man.”
  • The only other contest I ever won was way back when I was nine years old. Would you believe I got first place in the “Ugliest Little Sister” contest at the county fair?
  • I just learned that when Adam woke up from a deep, deep sleep he discovered a new, beautiful, two-legged creature over in the meadow. “What the…?” he wondered. The Lord suggested that Adam go check it out. So Adam went over to see the beautiful new creature. A few minutes later he hurried back and breathlessly asked the Lord, “What’s a headache?”
  • Well, there’s a few so-called humorous things. I hope you enjoyed your giggle du jour. I agree with Victor Borge, who used to end his concerts with, “…a good time together, a few smiles, a few laughs. That’s what I get out of it. The rest goes to the government.”
By the way, if you go to Tracey's joint, let me warn you that her idea of humor includes the back end of a sheep. It left me udderly speechless. But she does have great blogs.