Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Joy of Backing Up

I’ve got to refer back to a couple of recent blogs. Thanks for waiting.

First, about that $1600 tip. For 17 years I worked in the fine dining industry in three of Dallas’ high-dollar restaurants.

The night I earned that big tip, I was Captain of a team of four servers. It was Christmas season and we served a company Christmas dinner party The owner of the company was/is a frequent guest at the restaurant. There were 55 people, including spouses. We opened 27 bottles of (expensive) wine and served them along with a $65.00 a plate meal. The tip was divided equally among the team. So I didn’t get the whole thing, but still, a $400 night isn’t bad. There was an open bar and the cocktail hostess received a similar amount for her service, too. The following year we only received a $1,200 tip. I guess our service slipped a little. For the record, my largest tip—all mine—was $250. And I received more than one of those.

Then here’s the recipe for that delicious Famous in Five Counties Home-made Creamy Bacon-Mustard Dressing that I made for our Son-in-Law's salad last weekend. Thanks to all who asked.

  • First, you cook up two slices of bacon and set them on a paper towel.
  • Then, turn the heat down under the fryin’ pan and add 6 TBLSP of real good orange juice. Don’t leave it there very long—only about 10 seconds. Now go pour it into a blender. That’s right, the bacon grease and anything that stuck to the pan, too.
  • Squirt in all the juice from a big lemon. Or get one of those yellow things that has lemon juice in it and squirt in about the same amount.
  • Sprinkle on some salt and fresh ground pepper.
  • Add about a 1/8 cup of chopped up white onions. Vidalia’s are the best, or for a little zip, you can chop up about 4 real nice green onions. Just the white part.
  • Put in a hefty TBLSP of Dijon mustard—it’s just gotta be Dijon. Sure, go ahead and add a skoshie more.
  • Put in a cup of non-fat sour cream and turn on the blender to Puree.
  • To help thicken it, add just a little bit of Mayo, but you don’t have to.
  • While it’s pureeing, break up one slice of bacon and drop it in.
  • Splash in one good splash of Worcestershire sauce. No more!
  • Throw in some chopped parsley, if you want.
  • Now let that puree for another half a minute or so. Pour all your tasty dressing into a Mason jar and let it set in the ice box till dinner tomorrow night. It will marinate and thicken a little. Goes good on just about any kind of salad.
  • Eat the other slice of bacon and throw away the paper towel.
Tell me how it works out for you.

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