Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Joy of Rejoicing

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” From the Bible Book of Romans; Chapter 12, verse 15.

My last post was in mourning for a beautiful teenage girl who was kidnapped and murdered. She lived in our community. We still mourn for her and want to keep her family under an umbrella of prayer.

My First Wife and I went to a wedding last night. It was simple and beautiful. Humble and dignified. Christ-centered to the nth degree. We also went to the couple’s big dinner and dance afterward.

Dance? At a Christian festival?

That’s right.

Then, they probably aren’t Baptists, are they?

Yes, they are. Always have been. But the bride told us she decided when she was just four years old that there would be dancing at her wedding. And dancing there was! My First Wife and I danced till our muscles ached. We included the Cotton-Eyed Joe, The Twist, some speedy Swing dances and even a little bit of rag time. (I opted out of the Macarena. I think that dance should be outlawed anyway.) A great time was had by all.

Two things:

  • My first Wife and I were amazed at the number of couples there who were married for several years. It so happened that in the “Couples Dance,” where you have to leave the floor when the DJ calls out the number of years you’ve been married, My First Wife and I were the last ones standing. Forty-three years. (Thank you. Thank you very much.)
  • Then when we woke up this morning we nearly fell over when we stepped out of bed. I told you our muscles were sore!

Anyway, please rejoice with Jacob and Adrienne and offer them best wishes for a long, long dance of their own.

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