Friday, October 26, 2007

The Joy of Our Son-in-Law’s Lid

About 15 years ago, Our Oldest Daughter married Our Oldest Son-in-Law. Can you believe he hasn’t had a job the whole time? We’re proud of him, anyway. So are his folks.

He recently invented, patented and produced the Filter Lid, which will soon be the common cover on “to-go” hot tea and coffee cups. It filters out loose tea leaves, those pesky coffee grounds or other debris that settles in the bottom of your cup. That way you can enjoy your refreshing hot beverage without picking stuff outta your teeth.

Bonus: when you hit a speed bump racing away from the drive-thru window, your refreshing hot beverage won’t slosh out.

Mark my words: someday soon you’ll walk out of a coffee joint with the Filter Lid on your drink and say, “Why didn’t I think of this? Then I wouldn’t have to have a job.”

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Anyway, we’re proud of our son-in-law. He invented the Filter Lid.