Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tithing and Offering Department

Two interesting things happened to us yesterday, February 29.

First, it was the third payday of the month, a rare February Friday for us folks that get paid every two weeks. That’s probably a once in a lifetime payday event—three in February. Maybe.

Second, for the first time in our marriage, there was enough money left in our checking account to write out a tithing check before we received that third paycheck.

Remember when you were just a little tyke? “Mom! Mom! Hey, mommy, watch what I can do!” Then you showed her the world’s most awkward somersault. “See?” And she applauded.

“Daddy! Daddy! Watch what I can do.” And you ruined a pair of new shoes when you splat your foot in a mud puddle. “See?” And Dad applauded, didn't he? Now remember when your own kids said/did the same thing? You proudly applauded, too, didn’t you? Apparently, it’s human nature to want our parents to watch what we can do.

I’ve come to believe that God is shouting the same thing to us. He must have that same urge in Himself. “Hey, kids! Kids! Hey, watch what I can do!” He’s yelling. “Lemme have a little bit of your money for a minute and watch what I can do!”

Well, that’s a paraphrase, of course. The Old Testament prophet Malachi quoted God this way: “Bring one tenth of your income into the storehouse so that there may be food in my house. Test me this way (‘Watch what I can do! Watch!’) See if I won’t open the windows of heaven for you and flood you with blessings!” (‘See?’)

My First Wife and I believe that God does math differently than we do. And He wants us to watch what He can do when we give him a tenth of what we have for a minute. So we watch and we get blessed. Somehow that little tenth opens windows.

Applaud, applaud.

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