Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Valentine's Department

Okay, okay...I know I'm nearly a month late for Valentine's, but this is such an important posting, that I'm only a month behind schedule. You see, Godiva Chocolates has won my heart.

I gave a box of chocolates to My First Wife this recent Valentine's Day for the first time in our marriage. Yes, the first box of candy ever--from me to her. Believe me: I've wanted to, but...

My First Wife cannot eat sugar and most sweeteners. As a matter of fact, she eats no sugar at all--no birthday cakes, no Christmas candy, no church potluck pies, no ice cream. Nuthin! On and on it goes.

However, the nice folks at Godiva Chocolates use maltitol, which My First Wife can tolerate.


It was a proud moment for me, when My First Wife opened her gift and graciously accepted it. With tears. It was as if I had given her some silver and gold. I had tears, too.

Happy Valentine's Day again, Sweetie.

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